Looking For A Team??

Team 223 is open to anyone looking for a team in Northern NJ. We work out of Wanaque, NJ. We know there aren’t many teams in the area and would like to open our team up to students from other schools. It’s a great oppritunity and we would love to have a variety of kids from a bunch of differant schools. If you know of anyone looking for a team or interested in learning more about FIRST or Team 223… feel free to email me at kazzykaty@aol.com

Any other teams open to accepting members from other places??

Katy -

Perhaps you are already doing these things, but if not, a few suggestions…

-CD isn’t really the place to find new members. Really the only chance on these forums is to find “displaced” members of old teams still active in FIRST. I would suggest doing some “targeted recruiting” at the schools in the areas closest to you. This would take some coordination between your school’s administration and the administration of the target school, but will probably give you better results. Also, your team must be ready to fight the school board battles concerning team member travel.

-For general advertising, local newspaper ads work great. You may have to pay for an ad, but a “human interest” story about your team in a local paper where you mention that you are looking for students from other schools to join your team would be free. Think creatively.

-I would do the administration work first. Hopefully your administration is ok with you bringing in students from other schools/townships…but perhaps not. Get this approval (in writing) before really starting recruiting.

-Also, just a side note, but when these new students come on the team, make sure you are treating them as any other team member. You don’t want them to feel like outsiders. Leave rivalries outside the team.

Best of luck! I applaud your team for doing this. In our current economic situation, perhaps a better goal than “a FIRST team in every school” should be “every school with access to a FIRST team”…but that’s a whole other thread…

I second that notion.

  1. Most people here are already involved in Robotics in some way.

  2. You would have better lucky trying to post flyers or getting the administration in your school aware of your choice, and then use it’s support to spread the news out to the county and surrounding regions.


Yes, But how about Mentors and such that might want to help, Or maybe people can relay the message that dont normally use these forums? :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,
I started a website about a year or so ago that is specifically targeted at getting more people involved in FIRST. I have promoted my site on teacher related online communities and other general robotics related sites.

Take a minute and check out FIRST Objective. There are forums, groups, messaging systems, along with tons of promo videos. You can even add your own videos if you want. There is also a map for people to find either teams or other people. Anyone can add a marker however they see fit.

If you like what I’m doing, please join. It’s free and you’ll not get any spam or advertising from it.