Looking for an AI Curriculum Architect

The Zebracorn’s host school, NCSSM* (North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics), is looking for an AI Curriculum Architect. This is not your normal, everyday, teaching position. We have recently been provided with a very generous grant to create a new AI Department within the school:



To our knowledge, this will be the first AI Department for a public high school within the US (not positive about this but we haven’t been able to find any others - if they do exist then let me know so we can talk with them).

This grant was provided to our school by an amazing friend of our team, occasional mentor, and (obviously) a huge supporter of our work as the grant was partially inspired by his interactions with our students. In his own words, “this program won’t be successful unless students are skipping classes to come and do this instead” so that might tell you about the kind of instructor we are looking for.

This is the job posting: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/northcarolina/jobs/2300800/ai-curriculum-architect

I have absolutely nothing to do with the hiring for this position (I have enough to do). You won’t be interviewing with me for it. If you want more details then you are welcome to PM me and I’ll put you in touch with the right person or you can apply through the above link.

*In 1980, during Governor Hunt’s first administration, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics opened on the grounds of the former Watts Hospital in Durham with 150 high school juniors. It was the first school of its kind — a public, residential high school welcoming students from across the state to study a specialized curriculum emphasizing science and mathematics but also offering humanities courses, athletics, and extracurricular opportunities.