Looking for Autodesk Inventor Tutorials


I’m looking for some good Autodesk Inventor tutorials for new members on my team, we have one of our own that teaches overall design principles but not specifics on creating sketches, parts, assemblies, constraints, etc. I’d also prefer if they were FRC specific, but that’s not super important.



Are you sure you don’t want to use Autodesk Fusion? i can recommend lots of tutorials for that. Our team likes Fusion much better than Inventor.

The Solid Professor tutorials are pretty good. Not FRC specific, but they cover the fundamentals well. You can get a free account through the virtual KoP.

Have you looked at this-

I started making some videos a few months back. Build season put some of the videos I wanted to do on delay, but I hope these help.


Best of luck

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Check out http://www.vertanux1.com

They have some great tutorials, part files, and a YouTube channel.

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