Looking for beginner project for Manual End mill

Hi all,

I just got a manual Grizzly End-mill (Light to medium duty). I haven’t done any machining on an end-mills since 1998. I need a basic project for me and my students. Anyone have any ideas. I have a vice, parallel bars, t-slot clamps, and set of end mills.

thanks, Steve

My team uses the following as a mill training part.

Mill Training Part.PDF (69.2 KB)

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Squaring a block. Almost always the first step…

Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igfqYZPdQ78

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And once you get a “perfect” cube, turn it into a turner’s cube.
This is good for practicing your Z positioning, and you can make them in almost any size. (It might also provide an excuse to pull out the boring bar)


We got our mill last fall. We started with squaring up 8020. We use a lot of 1" 8020 and had many small pieces that were saw cut. It was a great way to get the feel of it and its a common task that they will be doing.

I would start by making parts for past years robot. Every time you make a part place it on the robot. Eventually you’ll have made quite a variety of frc style robot parts this will have a decent amount of frc style manufacturing knowledge.

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