Looking for best SMS communications (Canada)


Our team was using Remind to communicate via SMS however the school is discontinuing this service. We are looking for an app that is similar and does not require data as some of our students do not have data plans. This was really great to get information out to the team and coordinate meetings, etc.

If you’re team is using something similar please let me know!

EDIT: We require a Canadian platform so there is not US text charges at 0.40 cents a sms.



I am not fully aware of Remind’s features, but GroupMe could work. Those added to a GroupMe who don’t have an account, will receive the messages as text messages and can respond in kind.


Loved the platform and then realized it sends a SMS from a US number… :sleepy:


If you aren’t opposed to moving away from SMS messages and data usage isn’t a concern, slack has been absolutely invaluable for us. We have a couple channels for discussing things and one channel for making broadcast announcements.

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Slack has policies that may disallow kids from using it. Basically you have to have a paid plan and parental permission if the student is under the age of 16.


I’ve looked into Slack but the issue is not all our students have data plans and of course wifi is not accessible everywhere. We require something that can push announcements via txt but also not from an US number.


Have you considered just using a group chat and instruct members not to reply? Seems like the simplest option and doesn’t require any third-party platform.

We use WhatsApp for communication, which is basically a replacement for texting here in Israel (and throughout a lot of Europe). There’s one group chat for the whole team and then each sub-team has (at least) one.


I’m not overly familiar of WhatsApp. Does this require data?


Yes, it runs entirely on data. I wasn’t suggesting actually using WhatsApp, just saying that we use it for group chats. You should be able to use regular SMS group chats in the same way.


A fantastic messaging platform would be Discord. You have the ability to PM members of the team, as well as mentors, and you can have multiple channels for each section of your team. (e.g.: Spirit, Fundraising, Mechanical, Electrical, and Drive)


Not a huge barrier. They offer either heavy discounted or free business versions for nonprofit organizations (at least in the US). We also have to have release forms for various other things so it hasn’t been an issue for us.