Looking for C++ beta teams - we need your help

Hello FRC Robot Programmers

We’re about to start the beta test for the 2016 Control System software and need your help. FIRST has been looking for beta teams by posting in Frank’s blog and thorough email blasts but we need a few more C++ teams to fill the ranks. The hope is that we’ll have an equal number of C++, Java and LabVIEW teams but we’re still a little short of C++ teams, and in the interest of fairness, we’d like to see all the languages equally represented.

Also, it benefits you and the FRC community to make the C++ libraries and tools as good as possible. You could help make this happen for everyone AND you get to play with the software that much earlier (although there are requirements that you make everything you do available to all teams). But think of the reputation points, the street cred, the opportunity to help FRC, and the bragging rights. It’s a pretty good deal - a win-win for everyone!

So, if you believe that you’re team has the time and a C++ based robot from 2015 to test, then check out this link to see if you meet the requirements and you’re able to take on the challenge.