Looking for Camera Recomendations

We’re looking for a camera that can record high quality videos and take pictures and is reasonable priced, thank you

To be clear, youre asking for DSLR/Mirrorless camera, and not a camera for the robot, correct?

For DSLR/Mirrorless, the Sony A6xxx series is a good bet, just be sure to check if any lenses you buy are compatable (these mirrorless cameras have a smaller 4/3 sensor compared to traditional DLSR’s.)

In case its for bot cameras, just grab a limelight.

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As for robot cameras id go for a lime light.

As for DSLR/Mirrorless im going to agree with MikLast with the sony A6xxx. I have a a6500 and so far it has been able to do whatever i need it to do. its smaller so it can fit into small spaces and takes nice 4k video.

https://kit.com/stefenacepcion/frc-photography-starter-kit-canon made this thing a while back, take note that this is for the canon ecosystem, and the camera i recommend does not record 4k if that is a dealbreaker.

if you were looking for a reasonable camera that records 4k , i would look at the a6300/a6500(has in body stabilization) or the panasonic g7 or g80/g85 series.