Looking for CHP Field Set-up Help

FIRST is still looking for help with field set-up.
Any assistance is welcome, on Tues. April 25 at the Georgia Dome.
You can arrive anytime from 1-3 pm.
You do not need to register in VIMS, but do need to register with FIRST and be 16 or over.
You will receive a t-shirt and dinner.

If you are interested: please call as soon as possible:
Dennis Howland, FIRST Volunteer Resources Manager
1-800-871-8326 ext 437.

Jenny, I would love to help on Tuesday but I’m not flying in till Wednesday sometime in the late afternoon (3-4ish) :frowning:

Will you still need any help on Wednesday at that time?
Also, Jenny are you on the Planning/Organization committee for Atlanta?
If so, please PM me. I have a project I would really like to do, and that would mean getting in the pits about a half hour earlier than the rest of the crowd if possible for setup time.

As for your original request, I’ll pass this message along to some people I know who are going down early.

See you in Atlanta!

Jenny, I also won’t be able to attend because our team flight doesn’t leave until 2:30ish from Philly and we don’t arrive until 6:00 in Atlanta. If you need any extra help after then, I can come down and help out.