Looking for contact with Millenium team.

:slight_smile: Team 343 Metal in Motion, is excited to hear that there is a team 1343. Welcome to FIRST team 1343, Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, AZ. Drop by our web site www.metalinmotion.com and leave us a note on our message board. If there is anything we can help you with let us know.

Ditto for 1384. If you guys read this, contact me. :wink:

Welcome to FIRST team 1384 from Vineland, NJ (which, ironically, is my street name from my old house in Cleveland, OH). :smiley:

It’ll be a couple more years until there’s a team 1814 …

Hrmm since our friends on 384 and 343 started it…

If anyone from team 1388 Arroyo Grande HS reads this, drop me a line and we will help any way we can

sweet idea Gene