Looking for current Linux Info

All the threads here are old. I believe pictools was developed for the 18F8520 which is no longer used, the adambots page seems to be long dead, and I can’t quite figure out calling c18 from a makefile with wine.

I am using Kevin Watson’s code and I have c18 3.10 in /opt/c18.c

Maybe you should contact John Dong directly.

john.dong [at] gmail [dot] com

Who is that?

He is the mentor for the adam bots team, and others.

I think he created the WINE solution, or at least helped.

He is an Ubuntu Linux user, and is also found on Ubuntu forums.

also, the adam bots site seems very active.


I was talking about the adambots sourceforge site, and now I’m thinking that maybe they just stoped updating that page. I had actualy never realized that adambots was a team…