Looking for District Naysayers

Hey CD,

Are you someone (or know someone) who is not in favor of the district model for your region or even for all of FRC? If so, we want you to join in a live discussion on FUN’s show in August! You will have your opportunity to voice your opinion and make your arguments on why you believe the district model is not the best path.

Please feel free to PM me, send an email to firstupdatesnow@gmail.com or post here if you are interested or know someone whom may.

I am not who you are looking for, but it is my understanding that the biggest complaints from a team-perspective stem from increased travel expenses, especially in areas with low team density. If you’re looking for an opponent of the district model, I’d look for teams from one of those areas.

I don’t think this thread is here to start yet another discussion about the pros and cons of districts.

My bad, thanks for pointing this out. When I was typing out my comment, I didn’t realize how argumentative it sounded. I don’t want to start this debate again.

I gutted it to better answer Tyler’s question.

I have the perspective of being on both a team that greatly benefits from the districts system AND a team that greatly benefited from the regional system. I don’t feel like I’m a naysayer but I do think that the Regional system made my previous team a better group and gave me a more powerful experience as a student.

Not sure how that factors into your question so I thought I’d just post.

In this same vein, I’d think international teams would have the most trouble if FIRST converted large-scale to the district system. I think you could certainly find some good anti-district arguments from someone with that perspective.

((Again, I’m personally pro-district and not the person you’re looking for.))

I’m also not who you’re looking for, but you may get better results by looking for “critics” or “opponents” of the district model. People who hold contrary opinions often don’t appreciate being labeled “naysayers” as it makes their viewpoint sound illegitimate, and they may fear they won’t be treated fairly in any discussion you’re trying to have with them, which I’m sure is not your intention!

I’ll second this. The tone does make a difference! Good point.

Can I present a different viewpoint? Say one for districts, but against these single-state (save for Michigan) district systems?

Good point, I think I just got a little wordsmithy. I don’t believe I can change the thread title can I?

No, but I’m sure a mod would change it for you if you told them what you wanted it to say.

You can if it’s within 24 hours just edit then go to advanced.

I’m all for districts, however by switching to districts the events lost a sparkle they had. The main detractor is the fact that we simply do not see as many unique teams. Outside of the 120ish teams MAR has, we seldom see teams outside of MAR. By having 60 teams instead of 40, the stands would just have 50% more people. It felt bigger, more energetic. With this point in mind, I’d still rather have districts. For the same price, you get 2 events, AND you get more plays at each of those events than a regional.

Let’s try not to turn this thread into another districts debate.

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California now has several regionals that are in the 40 team range so that’s no longer an advantage. Note on the other hand that many more teams get to a much larger District Champs of 100 teams or more.

I am all in favor of being able to compete in a district situation - almost three times as many matches for the same dollar cost, and only a slight increase in travel cost.

That said, I AM worried about losing the inspiration provided at Bayou Regional in recent years by many great teams from Texas, California, Florida, and so forth, who will be much less likely to travel to Louisiana and Mississippi (Slidell is practically on the border; half of our mentors, including me, work in MS) as TX, CA, and FL transition to districts over the next few years.

I’d like to see the district system tweaked in such a way as to continue to encourage those high-inspiration teams to travel; in the long run, it’s probably good for them, and it’s definitely good for us in the less-tech-heavy parts of the country and world.

Colorado doesn’t have enough teams yet (I think we’re in the 30s), so I support the regional. Plus, we usually have another really awesome team from another state come to compete and inspire everyone there with their robot and team.