Does anybody have 4 double solenoid Festos or 8 single solenoid festos that they could sell me. Just name a price and I will pay instantly through paypal.


sorry we are low on them. try seeking out other MN teams. find a mn event and there are some links to team websites. not every team uses CD… http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/regional-events

Try ebay? Bought some SMC there cheap.

Yeah I went on Ebay and bought a few of these:


I believe they will work - they look similar to the Festos

Please keep in mind R66:

The only pneumatic system items permitted on 2015 FRC ROBOTS include the items listed below.

C. Solenoid valves with a maximum 1/8 in. NPT port diameter

It appears that the ebay link is a 1/4" port size which would not meet this rule.

If using non-KOP solenoids (or any non-KOP pneumatics components), please also be prepared to demonstrate with a manufacturer’s spec sheet that they meet R64: “All pneumatic items must be COTS pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for working pressure of at least 125psi (with
the exception of R66-D).”

Automation Direct is a good source for pneumatics components, and they provide a $30 voucher to FRC teams (see the flyer in your KOP). You could also try directly ordering from Festo. Be sure to order the correct fittings to attach to your 1/4" tube if you don’t have them already. 1/8" NPT is the thread size commonly found on the fittings supplied by FirstChoice/KOP. (NPT refers to the thread sizing standard. The actual OD of the fitting is more like 0.4", so it can be confusing). I think Festos are typically metric fittings. The ebay link looked like a BSPT (British) thread standard which is similar in size to NPT but not the same pitch.

They arent being used on the robot - they are being put on a test board