Looking for FIRST and/or vex leagues for college students in chicago

Let me know by email if you know of any, I cant stop working on my set and am itching to compete with some of the new expansions.

I am trying to get a vex team started at my high school. Francis W. Parker if your interested.

Well, I looked on the FIRST website and found these FRC teams, I don’t know if they’re in the same part of Chicago as you are, but worth a try, right?

Team 9
Roosevelt HS

Team 101
St. Patrick HS

Team 1034
South Shore HS

If you search the forums, you should probably be able to find members of these teams. Good luck!

[Edit: ] I was not able to find any members from 101 or 1034 but these are the links to the members from 9 that I found:


Hope that helped a little!

I am the Senior Mentor in Chicago and have been involved in developing a support program, RoboTIP, for teams JFLL through FRC on Chicago’s South Side. I would love to assist in endeavors here in Chicago. Please email me with more information.

Thank you!