Looking for FIRST #IInspire "In the Hall of the Mountain King" video

At the Waterbury District Event, there was a video played on Day 2, I think at some point during downtime in the playoffs, with many many people from various events holding signs saying what they did to “inspire” people. If memory serves, there was “#IInspire” on at least some of the signs, and “In the Hall of the Mountain King” playing throughout it, with the scene changes generally timed to the music.

I’d love to watch it again, but I can’t find it out on the Internet anywhere. I’m not especially meme- or hashtag- savvy, but I thought searching for #IInspire would find it but I haven’t had any luck. Is this a video that’s publicly available somewhere? Or is it somehow limited to distribution at events? Even a link to the right place in an event webcast archive would be appreciated. Thanks.

It was first played during the 2017 St. Louis World Championship Closing Ceremonies: https://youtu.be/yTzO688VR00?t=6291.

The vid showed at an event 2403 was at last year before champs iirc…