Looking for FRC, VRC, FTC, or FLL teams in Philly and NYC areas

FRC 1712 spent time today with a producer/editor from Nancy Glass Productions who is working on a show for the Scripps Network that will air over the web and will feature robots and the people behind them.

In order to complete the project, they are looking for more robots/teams in the Philly and or/NYC area. I have no other details about the end product they are working toward, but I can tell you that they were on site with us today for about 2-3 hours, shot a bunch of footage of my robotics class and of our team with the FRC robot, and interviewed many of the students as well.

Any seriously interested teams that can pull together for a shoot within the next week to ten days (students, please clear this with mentors before emailing) should send their interest and questions if you have them to: funrobotshow [at] gmail.com ASAP