Looking for Fuel Cell CAD 2009

Afternoon everyone,

I’m looking for CAD of the 2009 game piece so I can 3d print a smaller scale version.

Thank you in advance!

Best I got is a screenshot.


In every sense of the term

I think Dave Lavery did the Game Animation that year. I bet you could ask him for the model he used, if he still has it (I betcha he does).


Doing a Google search, it appears that Team 67 (HOT) archived CAD files of the game pieces, including the ball and trailer, in a public Google Drive ZIP file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwpTQ0IIJpuPbUhOR2VPdDdISWc/view

The ball specifically is under HOT Team 67 Design 2009 > Game_Parts > Ball

(Note I haven’t specifically downloaded the file to see if the files actually open)