Looking for full playing field

Posted by Ian Mackenzie at 2/4/2001 1:38 PM EST

Student on team #188, Woburn Robotics, from Woburn C.I…

Does anyone have a full playing field that they would be willing to share with us for a few days? We are located in Toronto, Canada, and would like the experience of practicing on a full field. Our practice field is adequate but somewhat limited due to space.

We are virtually finished our robot this year and would be willing to make a trip to a nearby team (such as one in Michigan) to practice / play with other robots.

-Ian Mackenzie
Woburn Robotics

Posted by Matt Leese at 2/4/2001 5:10 PM EST

Other on team #73, Tigerbolt, from Edison Technical HS and Alstom & Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Posted by Ian Mackenzie on 2/4/2001 1:38 PM EST:

I would suggest contacting the X-Cats in Rochester, NY. I know that we already are planning to do a bit of practice with them on their field (which is pretty much full size). They do tend to be rather nice people too. :slight_smile: And Rochester, NY isn’t that far from Toronto.