Looking for FVC or Vex video

Looking for video of Vex bots and kids and/or FVC events for display at large expo. We will just be displaying Vex bots.
I have already gotten from DE tournament last year, and have access to footage from Atlanta. Has anyone done a promo for your program?


The animation for FVC 2006 was released today. It’s a really good game description. Maybe not exactly what you want, but it is a high quality product. http://www.vexrobotics.com/animation/index.shtml

Try these from Team 40 at WPI



Does anyone have video from the 2006 FVC game and/or Vex team promo videos?

here is a link to a youtube video of the Toronto VEX Championships. Its a nice 8 minute video highlighting the robots and students.

I’m capturing two hours of video that I filmed at ConnVex to my computer at this very moment.

Hopefully sometime this week I can cut it down to a good 5-10 minute video from the competition. :wink:

I have some vid, but mostly pics. Mainly from the practice field at ConnVEX.
Hit me up if you want some for the ConnVEX website Art.

We have a few matches from this year’s semifinals and finals in Atlanta (part or all of SF1, SF2,F1, & F2) on video that we would like to post. We have gotten permission from Teams 3053, 3652, 1114, 3050, and 3230, but there are a few other teams that were in those matches that we haven’t heard from (2024, 2160, and are there others I missed?). We plan to post in this thread unless we hear otherwise, so speak now or forever hold your peace.

I warn you not to get your hopes up too much – the quality varies from horrible to fair, but we are dedicated to the proposition that something is better than nothing, a credo by which we live on a daily basis.

Sorry for the delay – we have run into some technical difficulties. According to our team software geek, the VOB files on the DVD have been convered to more managable AVI, and trimmed down to optimal length. Unfortunately, we’re having difficulty locating a AVI encoder. Time spent scouring Google for “Xvid encoder,” “avi encoder,” and “DivX encoder” has nothing but useless codec packs. Thus, we’re left with segments which are the correct length but roughly ten times what they would be compressed. If anyone can direct us to a (free) AVI encoder (preferably compatible with AviTricks), we’ll be on our way and upload.

Here it (video from the semifinals and finals in Atlanta) is at last: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVIRI2a8EOw

One thing that has always been a mystery to me is where the high-quality video feed that FIRST streams on its website disappears to. It seems that there would be reasonable demand for DVD’s of the video that they take from the 6 fields.

Thanks alot for the compilation video =).

Do you think you can also post it as an attachment in this forum so we could download and save it (because you can’t from Youtube)

Thank you,

Jared W

Here’s the (compressed) version that we uploaded on youtube:


(Uncompressed, the video is close to a gigabyte in size.)

I just stumbled across this video on the FLL forum, of all places.


We produced the video of the open house.

The full-motion HR video is about 500MB. I have sent a download link to the forum sysop to so it can be posted.

// Marco