Looking for Gears

We are thinking about making a fast and light swerve bot for the off-season. We want to swap out the gears for the SDS MK1 modules. I am looking for a source for following (all 20DP and steel is preferred)

  1. 18T gear Falcon Spline or 8mm key bore
  2. 26T .375" Hex bore
  3. 20T Falcon Spline or 8mm key bore

I was also thinking we could get .5" hex bore for 1 and 3 and use a shortened spline to .5 " hex adaptor. Any thoughts on that?

Also, if we get an unkeyed 8mm, how hard is it to add a key way.

Thank you.

.500" Hex 18t Gear:

.375" Hex 26T Gear:

.500" Hex 20t Gear:

Falcon Spline to .500" Hex Adapter:

Mainly what I found from a quick search. Using the hex adapter to the bigger gears shouldn’t be a problem as long as you properly constrain the gear so it doesn’t rub on the motor.