Looking for Globe Motors

Our team wants to fix our robot in order to do some fund raising over the off season but we are having a lot of trouble finding any globe motors. We were wondering if anyone could tell us where to find them. If they are not on sale anymore, we would like to ask if any teams have 2 spare globe motors they could either sell or donate. If you do, please contact one of our mentors at [email protected]

There are no readily purchased spare Globe motors available.

A post in a thread from last October making the same request actually got an answer right from “the horse’s mouth” (an Engineering Manager from Globe Motors). Basically, the part number on the FIRST Globe motor is a non-production unit for a type of motor/gearbox used in transfer cases on 4WD vehicles.

Globe motors are a rather unusual commodity: they are “free” to FIRST teams in the KOP, but you cannot buy them as a COTS item. Your best bet is finding a team that didn’t use them in their robots. I don’t see any listed in “CD-Swap” so maybe some team that has one that they’re willing to part with will read this thread…