looking for good scouting sheets

Hi I am looking for good examples of pen and paper (for now) scouting sheets.

I’ve attached our Pit-Scouting and Match Scouting sheet. The Match scouting sheet is derived from another one posted on CD, modified to be more applicable to our teams needs. (We were an autonomous goalie, hence the information on autonomous shooting)

PitScouting.pdf (57.7 KB)
Matchscouting.pdf (23.3 KB)

PitScouting.pdf (57.7 KB)
Matchscouting.pdf (23.3 KB)

We’ve been using SPAM’s scouting system for the last couple of years, highly recommend them, this is las years.


There are some good ones on here

I have to agree that spam is a very good system, but it also involves the use of at least one computer to put the day into, for spam to be very effective. Unless there is another way? Someone want to help me out on how that would work.

There isn’t.

Let me be more clear: With the amount of data gathered by a typical sheet, your scouting team will get zero sleep compiling and analyzing that data by hand. You might get Friday’s picklist by eliminations, if you’re lucky, but Saturdays matches can often force changes to the list. There’s just too much data (10 items/team/match, 50 teams/event or so, each with 8-10 matches… that’s about 4K-5K pieces of data at a guess).

The only fast way to make a paper-only system work would be one sheet per team, with space for all of their matches. Come up with a average performance and a trendline for that team (1 person, 5 minutes/sheet). (Translation: How good can we expect them to be, and are they getting better or worse?) Compare all averages/trendlines (about 10-15 minutes of discussions to determine lists). The big problem with this? Most sheets are not really set up for this, being targeted at multiple teams in multiple matches rather than one team in multiple matches. You’d have to adapt.

Meanwhile, the team with one laptop is crunching through data and applying 50 sorts to find just the right partner robots.