Looking for Honest Critisism/Suggestions

Any criticism or suggestions for our web page? The main frame (where the large amount of text is) is being redone, along with parts of the navigation. Are there any suggestions to make the site better?

I like the site a lot simple. Though i would suggest that you make your site adaptable to a smaller resolution. Right now im running at 1152 and everything seems to be slightly bigger then you would see in a usual site. Great Cholor Scheme but the nav button colors could be chaged. Those light colors strain the eyes a bit! Let see more content would be nice!:smiley:

Cooool website… very well done, easy to navigate… very NICE job! :smiley:

I like the graphics and the layout (both the site and your bot)

The biggest thing is that you should probably increase the size of the links bar, and make the font and color easier to read (thicker and darker)

Other than that, good site and nice bot

Hey that is really nice!

I do think the light blue needs to be changed as well though.

I’m working on the resolution, and the links will be darker and a bit bigger with the next release. Thanks for all your suggestions and hope ya like the next update.

I like the site, maybe take it outta those darn frames :frowning: but overall it seems nice. Your navigation needs to stand out a little more i almost didnt see it. Good job though!