Looking for Ideas for Empty Filament Spools

I figured I’d tap into the creative FRC community to solicit ideas for my empty 3D printer filament spools.
During the pandemic, I led a large FRC team and community effort to 3D print face shields (SoCal Makers Covid Response Team). That project came to a close last summer, and I ended up with about 250+ empty spools sitting in my house. Over the years I used them for various home purposes – wrapping extension cables, making small toolboxes or storage containers, planters, displaying them as art in the form of floor-to-ceiling columns and pillars, and finally as some backyard decor.

About 30 of them came in handy for robotics as drive practice obstacles (instead of cones). And of course I’ve given them away to friends and neighbors to use around their home as well.

Anyway, I still have about 120 left (accumulated 20 more over this build season).

Anyone have any more good ideas as to how I can make use of these in bulk? I know most can be recycled, but maybe folks have come up with cool uses out there that I haven’t considered. If you are in the SoCal area and would have your own use for them, I’m happy to donate as well.

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How about a set of “spinners” for your bot?


Found this on Facebook the other week, https://fb.watch/cGhLTE24th/


Yeah I made a few of those for myself and neighbors. Not sure I want to make 100 of them though :slight_smile:

Then you would have 20 more empty spools too.

I have seen teams use them as cord management, I meant to but haven’t gotten our Robot Cart Ethernet on one yet.

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