Looking for information on one of team 971's PCBs

Hello, I was watching through 971’s 2019 Season Highlights, and noticed this board.

I have tried searching for the model numbers online, and looking for references to it in their 2019 codebase, but really can’t find much.

Does anybody know anything about it, or it’s function?


If you look closely you can see that is says “Camera Board” Looks like a breakout that connects several USB cameras to a microcontroller. IDK if the controller is compressing the video signals before streaming it to save on bandwidth, or if it is being used to so automatic control of a shooter or intake.


@seamushroom beat me to it in saying that it’s a camera board.

Looking at the top right of the board, there seem to be places to connect the CAN loop, so I would guess that the microcontroller is directly controlling some motors.

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That would make sense, except that I can’t find any reverence to that in their code.

I’m guessing its something like @seamushroom said for bandwidth saving, or maybe a hardware camera switcher?

I believe they make their own boards.

It’s probably something to do with this


Custom made. Teensy based system to tie all of their Cameras (jevois maybe but they might have something else now) back to a central point and to run some code on. Ultimately used for localization. Worked well from what I understand.

Paging @AustinSchuh


Thanks Marshall.

That is mostly a power board, though it also serves as a serial -> SPI aggregator.

I forget the exact specs, but the jevois takes 1-2 amps at 5 volts to run. Powering 5 of them needs quite a bit of current. The roboRIO wasn’t going to be able to provide it. We built a custom board to do that (The USB connectors are to power the Jevois.)

Each of the Jevois runs Linux and has a serial connection back to this board. We send parameters from here to the Jevois (camera orientation is the main one), and then the Jevois sends back a list of the 3 best targets it found this time around. The Teensy then listens on all 5 serial connections, builds up a monster SPI packet, and transfers it back to the roboRIO.

We chose SPI as the communication path back to the RIO because we could get enough bandwidth, and control the timing well enough to make us comfortable.

I’m happy to answer any other questions.


Thank you!

Since you are here, I have another question. What is running the main robot code? I am a big fan of 971’s control system, and am trying to replicate some parts of it for 5024.

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The roboRIO runs our main code. We were able to run the full localization system on it without problems.

We are likely to leave the main controls code and joystick code on the roboRIO for a while, and slowly move the localization off it onto external processors. We started to run out of CPU this year.


Jetson Xavier NX or broke baby!


Just out of curiosity, is 971 still using the multiple jevois setup for vision/localization?