Looking for interest in new wheels

My fathers company is our team’s machining sponsor and they made aluminum wheels and they are looking to see if anyone is interested. The attached photo is a 4 inch hex bore spoke and solid wheel that are 1 inch wide. The spoke wheel weighs approximately .25 pounds. The 4 inch wheels will be sold for $27. They are looking into making 6 inch wheels but are unsure about pricing for those. If there is enough interest, they will put them up on their website for sale.

I personally can’t speak for any team’s interest in the wheels, though I must say that they look quite nice. How will tread be mounted on the wheels? I don’t believe I saw any holes for rivets, which I believe is the standard way of mounting treads onto metal wheels.

Any math you can share backing up why that spoke size was chosen and why the internal hub size was chosen?

I assume these haven’t been used in competition yet and would be wary to order without confirming their fracture/deformation strength

If you knew someone who was proficient in using some sort of finite element analysis model simulation program like Nastran or Patran you could simulate their fraction/deformation strength, or just find a structural engineer to tell you what they would think it would do.

The main problem I have with this product is that andymark already sells a well proven version of this (that IMHO looks better)-the performance wheel. There needs to be a good reason to go for your option over the AM version if you realistically want to make any sales. It’s going to be difficult because most teams already make AM orders anyways.

What features do your wheels have that andymark performance wheels don’t?

A 1.5in wide tread might be useful for some teams if you want a minor redesign.