Looking for Into Orbit and/or Hydro Dynamics Field Kit(s)

My son’s FLL team made it to sectionals this year before bowing out. This is the furthest he (or his team) has ever been in an FLL season. He really wants to spend the summer working on his building and programming skills with a couple friends from his team. Getting a field from his school is not an option, so does anyone have an Into Orbit or Hydro Dynamics field (both mat and mission elements) that they would be willing to part with so I can set up a field in the barn for them? I am happy to pay for both the field and shipping costs. If anyone has a field kit laying around, and they are willing to part with the set, it would make my son’s (and his friends’) spring/summer.

John Christensen

I’m sure you’ll be able to find something but if not robotmats.com sells all kinds of FLL style mats, (many made to the same size as a FLL mat) with the ability to perform all sorts of light sensor programing tasks

ninja edit: you could also try contacting FIRST or your regional FLL director and see if they can get you closer to finding one

Here are a few tips for acquiring an FLL Field Setup Kit (FSK):

  • Contact your Operational Partner. Partners often have extra FSKs after the season is over from events. You can find that person here (click FIRST LEGO League and then select your area).

  • Check eBay. The results are sporadic, but a quick search will tell you if anything is currently available.

  • There is an FLL Buy & Sell Facebook group which is full of people looking to get rid of or acquire kits.


Thanks for the suggestions and links. I have been watching ebay, but the kits are going for upwards of 200-250 dollars. Maybe that is the going rate, but I was hoping to find something closer to the 100-150 dollar range. I will check out the Facebook group and also contact our State Operational Partner. Many thanks!

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Thanks JR, if I cant find an old field with mission elements, I will look into ways to create my own missions using one of those mats.

For what your son is wanting to do, the Field Setup Kit from any year will do. You can try asking the person who organized the tournament(s) they competed at to ask the other teams if they are willing to sell some fields.

I do not know what level of ability your son and his friends are at. If they have not already done so, they should work through the lessons on EV3Lessons. If there are any more competitions scheduled in your area, they should go as spectators and ask the better teams to show them what they are doing and why.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I found a field this evening on the FLL Buy and Sell page that Jared suggested.

Phil — thanks for the link to the EV3 Lessons. I will show them to my son and his friends the next time they are building robots.


If he’s interested I have a YouTube channel I post FLL tutorials on.