Looking for large bearings

I’m looking for some very large flanged ball bearings with an inner diameter/ bore diameter of 1.125 inches and I can’t seem to find it only. Please help…

Would this work? https://www.mcmaster.com/4768k18

While Andrew’s is the only flanged one on McM, you have other (and better) options than a $55 bearing. Firstly, you could use one of the other 1.125" ID ball bearings and either press-fit them into a bore or hold them in place with a few button-head screws.

Alternately, if you are under a low-RPM use constraint, consider using bushings instead. They tend to have higher load ratings in exchange for lower speed ratings. McMaster-Carr offers plenty, both flanged and non-flanged. The nice part is that if one isn’t quite the right size, it’s pretty straightforward to turn it down to size.

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Not really sure exactly what you are thinking of using this bearing for, but a quick google search turned up lots of options.

I have not purchased anything from this source, ever, so this is not an endorsement, but this bearing is reasonably priced and meets your criteria of 1-1/8" bore: https://www.thebigbearingstore.com/r18-2rs-r18-zz-radial-ball-bearing-1-1-8-bore/

Also, you may want to look at [oil impregnated] bronze bushings, especially if your speeds aren’t really high. If you go this route, I recommend polishing the shaft in the area where it goes through the bushing with some very fine sandpaper or similar.

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Our teams has a positive experience with https://www.igus.com bushings as a lighter and possibly cheaper alternative to bronze as well.

I saw a few people recommend McMaster, which I’d definitely do. If not, Grainger might have a couple that’ll work.

I’m sure it’s not as helpful today (end of build) but the best value in large bearings is ebay. The problem is, it takes a month to get the parts from China. Also, going to mm bearings instead of inch-bearings saves a great deal of money.

Last year we designed a module where we placed bearings around mini-cim motors that were actually mounted inside the wheels…it was tempting to use 2.5 inch bearings, but going to 65 mm at $6.33 each made the price bear-able (dad-pun).

Try this link if you’re curious…but yes, it takes a month or more to get the parts.

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