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Hello, we have been working on a home project electric ride-on scooter. we were using a Leonardo ++ to control the 4 drive motors along with LEDs. however, there was a short in the wiring and the bord got damaged. I’ve been searching everywhere for a Leonardo ++ and I can’t find one. we really need that type of board due to the screw-in wire holders, so that as we are riding the scooter the wires are not pulling out. does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell us? or point us in the direction on how we could get one. Thank you

Would something like this work with a normal Arduino?

or this?

Unfortunately, it seems that 16hz, the company that made the Leonardo++, folded at some point, which is why your search isn’t turning anything up. I’m sure someone has one buried somewhere if neither of the above options will work though, since it was a part of the 2016 KOP.


Another option:


When I was concerned about vibration on some other arduino projects, I’ve used a pro micro or compatible and either soldered directly to it, or through an intermediate board like a piece of this:

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Taking the unfortunate fate of 16Hertz into consideration, your best bet for a replacement is going to be using some kind of Screw Terminal Shield, or soldering your own solution.

Similar to the one my father, @GeeTwo, linked above is Proto Screw Shield-Assembled (Arduino Compatible)-DFRobot, or cheaper on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HFSFZTH/, which would probably give a pretty secure fit to a regular Arduino Uno or Leonardo board, and still give access to the pin headers (plus a proto-board area for custom circuitry, which is nice!).

If a Micro/Pro Micro (smaller version of Leonardo) or Nano/Pro Mini (smaller version of Uno) will work, the screw terminal adapters @bobbysq are great, I’ve used them. Just make sure to check the Controller’s Pin-out since the adapter usually has the Nano’s pinout which is slightly different if you’re using a Micro/Pro Micro/Pro Mini/ect.

Beyond that, you’d need to soldering something yourself. Its fairly easy to find Micro/Pro Micro/Nano/Pro Mini boards without pins already soldered, or with male pins that would be easy to solder to a board, and less commonly you can find Leronardo/Uno/Mega boards without pins soldering, and then screw terminals, headers, and perfboard (or prototyping board) are readily available from just about anywhere, Amazon, Mouser, Digikey, ect. and you can even find perfboard make for arduinos, ie https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DRHG1QV/. One thing of note if you use regular perfboard is that the spacing of the headers on the Arduino Uno/Leonardo/Mega aren’t all 0.1in spacing due to an error with the very original Arduino, so you’d need to either bend your own headers, or buy some “shifted” headers for Arduino.

I used to be to find these “shifted” headers fairly regularly on Amazon, but can’t seem to now, This (unfortunately discontinued) product from Adafruit shows what such a header looked like though (one of them has the pins bent over slightly then down) DIY shield for Arduino : ID 187 : $6.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Personally I’d go with one of the shields unless this bot is going to REALLY see some crazy vibrations/bashes because I’ve had trouble removing Arduino Shield before. They usually have a really good solid fit.

Another soldering solution may be to buy one of the Leonardo Boards without pins, put the pins from a screw terminal shield through the pin-hole of the Leonardo making sure the shield isn’t resting RIGHT on the Leonardo to avoid shorting anything out, and soldering the shield on.

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