Looking for libraries that offer FIRST programs

I’m trying to find any libraries in the US that offer FIRST programs where they provide meeting space and parts. And if they provide a coach too, that’s icing on the cake. I’m guessing they’ll likely be FLL, but any level would work.


I’m not at a library, but the arts center (mostly performing arts) I work at now offers FLL and FRC. Not sure if that’s of any assistance to your situation or not.

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That’s pretty close. I’m researching how/if a gov’t department (library, community services, etc) or non-profit organization who’s mission isn’t STEM specific but has operated a FIRST program. Libraries specifically are evolving their focus, adding resources and programs that go beyond just books/music/movies. In my county, every library as the resources (to varying degrees) of a makerspace. It doesn’t seem that more effort for them to run a FLL program. I’m hoping to talk to people that have done something similar where STEM isn’t there primary focus, but added it to their program.

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Our library isn’t an official sponsor of our team, but we have done some cool projects with them. In 2019 we did Month of Cardboard | Ames Public Library together and this year we are working together on a STEAM TV show.

I am not sure if this falls into your search, but there are some 4h-sponsored teams around us, and I assume all around the US.

Edit: I found the above thread, then looked them up a bit. They have a STEM component now, but I feel it was not always the case.

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The Central Library in the Indianapolis Public Library system has hosted FLL events, in partnership with the Techpoint Foundation for Youth.
Central Library

Thanks. I’ll give the foundation a call and see how that came about.

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Would Boys and Girls Club affiliated teams fall within your search? Not sure how common that is , but there’s at least one in South Portland (long term affiliation; FRC 3609).

Sweet thanks. My hope is to find a model to replicate and not try to create one from scratch. So there’s a “sell” that’s needed to justify a paid employee to coach teams.

I know a few years ago my team did FLL outreach at a couple Boys & Girls Club school sites. Boys & Girls Club provides after-school supervision at a lot of our local elementary schools; our students would go to the school sites and run FLL teams there. They were supervised by the same Boys & Girls Club employees who would have been supervising the kids if we hadn’t been doing FLL outreach that day, but I’m pretty sure the employees didn’t have to do anything besides be the adult in the room - our students did all the lesson plans, provided materials, etc.

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