Looking for linear bearing solutions

ok heres the deal guys, im gunna try to explain a piece our team needs for our elevator, however we dont knowthe name but we can explain it as a opaque plastic fitting ta fits into extrusion to help the elevator move…we cant find it ANYWHERE, and we dont know the “technical” name for it PLEEAAASEEE HLLLPPP USSSS:ahh: :eek:

I changed the title of this post and erased the two others you created about the same topic. In the future, please title your posts as explicitly as possible and post once in the correct forum. Spamming ChiefDelphi isn’t going to make people go out of their way to help you.

It sounds like your team is using aluminum extrusion. This is available from a number of manufacturers – Item, Bosch, 80/20, etc. – and each has a corresponding part that’ll do what you’re seeking. Start looking online or through catalogs for linear slides or linear bearings and that ought to be a good start.

Are you guys using the Bosch Rexroth aluminum extrusions? They sell a product line called Eco-Slide, which fits into the T-slots in the extrusion. You’ll find them called slider bearings, linear bearings or profile sliders. See here, and tell us if that’s what you’re looking for.

hey, M Krass, yeah sorry, our elevator plan wont work without thanks A LOT, ididnt specify the title, because noone here knew what to call it. Thanks a Bunch

hey tristan WE found EXACTLY what we wanted through your link thank you

No worries. We’re all here to help, but sometimes things can get a little crazy if we don’t do a little bit of housekeeping at the same time :slight_smile:

80/20 makes a product called the UniBearing, if you want to try them, here is their catalog:


See section 9 for linear motion.