Looking for list of workshops at Champs

Team 8 will be attending Champs this year, the first time in a while, and we have heard from other teams that at the event there are workshops and presentations put on by FRC teams covering a range of technical and nontechnical topics. We would be very interested in attending these, but have had difficulty finding information on them. If someone could direct us to a list or schedule of these events, it would be greatly appreciated.


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They usually don’t post the list/schedule until a week or two before Champs.

Last year there was an abundance of seminars that were all very informative. There is this website. You’re gonna want to look for “FIRST Championship Conferences”. It says that they are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the America’s Center and Union Station. Closer to Champs they will probably release the whole schedule of seminars, as some probably aren’t finalized yet. Hope to see you in St. Louis and sorry for the paragraph. :smiley:

Presenters were just notified if their proposals were selected within the last few days. They are planning to release the schedule around March 31, 2016. I encourage you to send team members to these workshops - there are usually lots of great ideas shared to the teams!

Could you post the link when FIRST releases? Thanks.

Presenters were asked to confirm their spot/bio/session description by yesterday. We were asked not to share as it isn’t final. I imagine the final version will be out next wrek. They are really close