Looking for MaxTube Inserts


Some time ago I saw a post or a comment in a post with 3d printed blocks that you could put inside 2x1 Tube to prevent the 2x1 from being crushed or warped. I believe they had holes in them so you could bolt through them. I haven’t had much luck in finding a CAD for something like this but I did find the Rev MAXTube endcaps. These aren’t exactly what I’m looking for, but they function in a similar manner.

Has anyone come across something similar to this, or better yet have a link to a CAD we could print?

Print files (STL): 040 MAXTube Anti Crush Spacers - Google Drive


Shouldn’t be too difficult to design your own if needed. REV is great about keeping their CAD drawings up to date and posted publicly, so getting measurements should be easy. You just need to know what you need. I’m assuming a solid block you can slide into the middle of the tube somewhere (as opposed to just at the end)


Here is a configurable tube plug my team designed. Fair warning, not all the configurations work perfectly.


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I convinced my students to make them a bit more printable, with simple angles on the bottom…