Looking for Mecanum Wheels

Anyone know where can i get mecanum wheels? We are working on a chassis for next year’s competition and it involves mechanum wheels . . . but they are no where to be found.
^Example of one type of mechanum wheel^

Mecanum wheels rock :cool:

I think a company named airtrax makes them, but it might make more sense to make them yourself…

how do i make them?

If you have some patience…I believe they are coming to FIRST next year?

I was talking to team at nationals(dont remember number…will look up) and they had these awesome mecanum wheels.

So first question was how did you make them? Their response was that a company approached them and asked them to “test” the wheels out and make improvements. After further conversation I found out that they had done some serious “weight reduction” on them and that they hoped the company would consider the changes.

They also informed me that the company had wanted to release them this year for FIRST teams, but they could not meet the requirement of having enough for every team to buy a set. They also told me that we can plan on seeing them next year for sale for about $350 for a set of 4.

Again this is all from memory and they were still not absolutely positive they would be coming out this year…but wow if we can get “light” mecanum wheels for 350 a set…SIGN ME UP. :smiley:

how do i make them?

CNC most likely

there are many ways to make Mecanum wheelers but almost nowhere to “buy them off the shelf” in any moderately convient size atleast they can be made by machining, bending plate bolting together Assemblies. whatever to get rollers mounted on a 45° around an Axel. feel free to pm me for more info

The mecanums you saw might have been the ones that NeilR announced back in December. Did they look like the thumbnails in that post? Those were some sweet looking wheels, and I hope they’ll be available as COTS items for 2007.

This could be run on a 3 axis machine with a rotary axis. I think i could probably pull it off in 3 operations (rotary surfacing + drilling, top then bottom surfacing + boring of drive shaft hole)

This would be much much simpler on a trunion mill… but those are hard to find ($$$)

It might be able to be done without the rotary axis, but you’d be there all day doing exacting setups for every roller on the wheel, then the surfacing on the top and bottom.

Someday when i have a lot of time i have nothing to do with i’ll probably try this.

P.S. AIRTRAX does make mechanum wheels off-the-shelf. :wink:

yes but only as replacements for their products. they weigh way too much for a first robot. having 4 of those wheels will put you overweight before you even have a frame togeather

AndyMark will be selling 8" Mecanum wheels this fall. The design is based on sheet metal sides with bent tabs. These wheels were seen at team 45’s pit at the Championships. The unofficial price target for each wheel will be between $75-$90. They will be available in the early fall (end of August).

PM me if you would like more information on these wheels.

Andy B.


I got to see the new AndyMark Mecanum wheels in Atlanta and I love the simple elegant design. I was really bummed when I didn’t win them! There was mention of a possible white paper on them to be posted on the TechnoKats website. Is this still fourth coming? How about posting a picture so that everyone that didn’t get to see this much sought after COTS product can see what they have to look forward to. I predict many teams will have Mecanums this next year! Great job bringing these sort of products to the market for teams that don’t have the resources to make them themselves. Kudos to you and Mark!

BTW: What sort of hub setup are you thinking of for the final design? For what it’s worth I would love to see a setup compatable with IFI wheels with the same sort of 3/8" flanged bearings and sprocket hole pattern (6 on 1.875" IIRC). They would then be a drop in replacement on the KitBot chassis.

Any more details? Wheel width, number of rollers, roller diameter & length (material?), and overall weight. All this would be helpful in thinking of a robot design that uses these wheels. :slight_smile:

Could you attach a image of the mechanum wheels for those of us that were not there to see them? This would be nice.

And here we have another miracle to attribute to St. Baker of the Gears. Now, if only they could make all-in-one packages for DeWalt transmission conversion to the CIM motor to use with these forthcoming Mecanum wheels.

An awesome array of traction system components are offered by this supplier.

It will be very interesting to see how many 'bots are sporting “Powered by AndyMark” stickers on their chassis next year.

We’ll be coming out with an assembly print within 10 days or so (there I go making promises…).

We definitely will have the 6 holes on a 1.875" pattern, which is what our polycarbonate omni-wheels and our Traction Wheels have. We were thinking to have a 1.124" hole in each side plate, for mounting a 1/2" id flange bearing, but if most people want to use 3/8" bearings, we can do a 0.874" hole. Now is the time to give us input on this.

We’ve debugged these wheels last fall, as TechnoKat students made a drive base and actually sat on it while driving it around our shop. The wheels held up beautifully, and strafed sideways better when they had an extra 100# on the drive base.

More to follow…

Andy B.

Personally, I’d prefer a 1/2" bore with a 1/8" keyway to use a live axle of the type, but that’s just me. Perhaps such a hub will be available?

The mecanum wheels in Atlanta were not Andymark wheels, they were the TechnoKats. Some of you asked me if they would be Andymark products, now you know!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ask and ye shall receive. Such a hub is already available.

If we go with 1.124" holes for 1/2" flanged bearings, that Universal Hub fits right in the hole and mates up with the 1.875" hole pattern.


Personally, I prefer the 3/8" shaft. I’ve built two robots this way with no complaints, and the compatability with the Kitbot is handy. (Of course, YMMV.)

On the other hand, you can get bearings with the right OD and ID off of McMaster-Carr. Perhaps offering both sets of bearings would do the job?

Sorry 'bout that. My bad. Whoever designed them did a great job and I love 'em!