Looking for Motors

We are doing some off season prototyping and need drill motors and CIM motors to build some two speed transmissions. We are willing to buy them off of teams who didn’t use them this year.

We are located in Canada so it would be much easier to buy them from Canadian teams. Please respond if you would be willing to sell us your spare motors.

You might get a faster response if you post this message here, http://www.firstcanadianregional.org/BB/viewforum.php?f=2

Drill Motors for Sale

Darn it, you beat me to it…

CIM motors for sale

i dont know if that form is still valid, i would think it might be, but i would also think that it prob wouldnt be vaid. I would say that calling FIRST in NH and checking to see if that cost is valid still cant hurt…

Thank you everyone for the help.

Did you find out if the MMH form is still valid?

Yes, the MMH Ventures form is valid.