Looking for New Job - Any Help Appreciated

Hello everyone,

I am currently looking for a new job. My company has recently had a reorganization.

I would like to “play with robots” in an effort to optimize them for production lines or modify them for new products. If you know of anything, particularly in the Los Angeles area, that is currently open, please let me know.


P.S.- My resume is attached.

HagerMarni-CV-20-03-2012.docx (17.7 KB)

HagerMarni-CV-20-03-2012.docx (17.7 KB)

I’d recommend starting by looking at other companies’ websites and see who is hiring. It’s a tough market right now for defense contractors because the military budgets are being cut pretty hard and those cuts are likely to continue for the next few years.

Also, check out Jet Propulsion Labs, and I’d ping some of the mentors from the other teams in the LA area. After talking to a lot of them, most of them work for some engineering or software firm down there.


Millenworks has been doing some neat work the last decade or so, and I believe it is roughly in your area.

Funny, this company is next to where I work. I know my company as a little automation going on, http://www.microvention.com/

It may not be to your taste.

I know Oakley has a lot of automation and a So Cal plant. They have a bunch of fanuc robots on their line.

Just wanted to post an update: I’m still looking for work as a manufacturing engineer, but I’ve broadened my location of searching to anywhere in the United States.

I’ve had 2 in-person interviews that didn’t go well at all. I believe one of them had already made up his mind before I even walked in the door. The other was a job that the HR person thought I’d be most qualified for, but wasn’t.

I’ve also had several phone interviews. The latest one was with the same division of the same company I was with. In fact, it’s actually production lines that we transferred from the location I was at to less expensive manufacturing facilities. I’ll know this week if they want an on-site interview with me.

In the meantime, I’m still applying to manufacturing engineering positions.

For others that are looking for a new job, hang in there. Eventually we’ll land somewhere.

Hello everyone,

I want to give you an update. After months of looking for work all over the country, I am pleased to let you know that I will be working for Boeing in San Antonio, TX.

For those searching for jobs, here are some numbers:
Months searching - 8
Jobs applied to - 200+
Job screenings - 25+
Job interviews - 10+


Wow, those numbers don’t look hopeful for those searching. It makes me thankful for the job I have. I’ve heard San Antonio is nice. Best of luck to you!