Looking for nylon worm gears (~64 pitch)

I have been looking for some small (~64 pitch) worm gears preferably in nylon possibly aluminum…

any ideas?

Have you tried MSC (Manhattan Supply Company) or McMaster-Carr?

www.mscdirect.com www.mcmaster.com www.grainger.com www.smallparts.com

These places are good for parts like that. You can also try other places like Grainger, Small Parts, ect.

Oh yes, sorry… I tried almost everywhere… SDP, MSC, small parts, mcmaster etc…

Ill look at rino and grainger… doesnt look too promising though.

I just did a search for “worm gear” on the internet but basically what I ran across was stuff for machinery and cranes.

You also might want to try hobby shops. Model trains and remote control cars usually contain small worm gears, although they might be to small depending on what you’re trying to do with the gears. I do know from experience though that the trains usually contain nylon or brass worm gears. I haven’t seen aluminum. If I think of anything else I’ll post it.