Looking for Off-season South Florida Robotics

I’m really really interested in finding if there are any South Florida robotics groups that do things offseason, like in the summer. I really just kinda want a project to work on, something I can spend an hour or two here and there working on a robot control system, or mounting something to a chasis, or designing. I’m basically posting this as a “Hey, I’d love to help a robotics team that would like the help”. Anyone got any ideas.

Another idea would be if someone wants to start a something down here, I’d be up for it! I’d love to have something to work on all summer, as im sure there are others like me here. If anyone has any good sponsorship background, that’s what I really lack skills in and therefore can’t get much off the ground.

Im open to all feedback! Thanks!

E-mail: [email protected]
AIM: Specialagentjim