Looking for offseason events for North-Western states (not Cali)

Hey, I’m interested to see if there is any more offseason events in the North-Western states now that I Squared and other events were canceled cause of Covid. Very interested to see what’s out there! preferably in Washington, Idaho, Utah, and maybe Oregon, south Dakota or north Dakota. Thanksss.

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Currently there will not be any Idaho off-season events

dang. That sucks. Fun playing agented you at Idaho tho.

In more unfortunate news, Robot Rewind, the only offseason in Eastern Washington, will not be returning for the foreseeable future. I have heard rumblings of another starting elsewhere this side of the state, but I dont think it will be ready for 2023.

As for Western Washington and Oregon, i know of the following offseasons:

  • Block Party (hosted by 2910):
    • No 2023 date yet, last year was late October
  • Bordie Charged (hosted by 2412):
    • October 15th-16th
  • Oregon Girls Generation (hosted by ??):
    • No 2023 date yet
  • Washington Girls Generation (hosted by 2046):
    • no 2023 date yet
  • Storm Surge (hosted by 2811):
    • September 15th-16th
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The Fargo STEM Alliance host one August 12th in ND
This is their 2nd year. I coincides with the food truck festival. At the fairgrounds. Last year there was no entry fee.

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