Looking for Ohio FRC teams

My family and I will be moving to Ohio this summer, I have a will be senior that is passionate about robotics and one of the key things for us to mark this as a successful move is finding him a school that has a FRC team. We are aiming for east of Cleveland (my job will be in Euclid) I gathered that there is a team in Warren Ohio but that would put me at an hour commute to work( not ideal but would do it if need be). Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


These should be helpful


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Exactly what I needed, thank you!

1787 is based out of Orange Ohio which is an east-side suburb of Cleveland!


There is also the official “Find FIRST Near Me” Search on the site.

To add on to that, we are only around a 20 minute drive from Euclid.


I am a mentor for FRC 695, Bison Robotics. We are sponsored by Beachwood High School (about 20min East of Cleveland), but our warehouse is actually located in Richmond Heights—a neighboring city of Euclid. Several of our students are from neighboring communities, and we are more than happy to invite you to the team. We can even give you a tour of our facility!

If you are interested, send me a message and I can provide you team contact info.


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Could someone explain what the different colors mean for each team?

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It appears to be a legend of the team’s general age.

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