Looking for old game pieces

Hello fellow Chief Delphi members,

I am starting a collection of game pieces and are wondering if any of you have any of the following pieces you are willing to sell:

  1. Ultimate Assent Frisbee
  2. Aerial Assist ball cover
  3. Stronghold ball
  4. Lunacy ball

We have Aerial Assist ball/cover that I think we would be willing to sell. Need to check with our advisor :cool:

Will check our frisbee status. I know we have a few. One is being displayed and one we were actually messing around with at our meeting tonight.

I’ll get back to you on Wednesday.

While moving AndyMark came across a large number of USED 2016 balls and 2013 frisbees. If you would be interested in these PM me, we would gladly part with them for just the price of shipping.