Looking for OpenCV header files in the FRC Vision Raspberry PI Image

I am studying the 2019.1.1 Kickoff Release of FRCVision-pi-gen. I have found the C++ Examples in /home/pi and built it successfully (I had to tweak the linker to include the path and library for pthread).

I see that main.cpp starts a thread and endlessly calls MyPipeline::Process(cv::Mat&) function.

I also see that the /usr/local/frc contains a rather comprehensive set of OpenCV libraries (OpenCV3.4, as I recall).

What I do not see anywhere are OpenCV header files. Were these deliberately omitted?


They were left out by accident. There’s already an issue open on this as well as the pthread and other issues in the C++ example build files and I have fixes for both pending for the next release (#41 and #38). In the meantime, I’ve attached the headers that should have been in the image.

opencv-include.tar.gz (797.6 KB)

Thanks Peter. I just realized I hadn’t checked Github for issues reported there. In checking it, I saw that this issue and the pthread one already have been captured there.

Very much appreciated.