Looking For Pics of Bots In Curie

Hey Before Nationals i’m trying to get a picture of every bot in curie, right now i have most of them but i’m missing a few, does anyone have pictures of these bots? If i get a complete album i’ll post them on a site for everyone to access.
The bots i need are
138, 140, 141, 148, 246,335, 352, 358, 496, 644, 652,6 62, 668, 694, 932, 940, 942

Team 151 The wildcards
Quaterfinalist UTC

I have some pics of us, 496. How big do you want them to be? Cause right now they are larger than 8.5 x 11.

If you could just upload one to the robot gallery that would be great

Team 151 THe wildcards
Quaterfinalist UTC 02


this is what i have found so far:




ok I just posted a p icture of the robot. only one I had around was it on the cart : ( doesn’t show off the claw or the tail very well and the brake system can’t be seen. but oh well, hopefully you can use it to help identify us.

668 can be found at : http://bespin.org/~lar1/furiousgeorge.jpg
it is likely that we will mount the arm upright and only use it for HP balls.

Posted a better picture of the Port Jeff Powerhouses Kick %%% robot