Looking for Pictures of Championship Wrap Party

Hey guys, i was wondering if you guys could post any pics or vids (you can host at imageshack.us and paste direct link or rapidshare.de for vids) of the firework display and the afterparty at Nationals. I know its a bit late and with CD getting about half as many hits as they get during the build season, it will be tough, but can any of you guys help?

Pavan Dave
118, Electrical

Lightning Robotics’ Championship Gallery

Some pictures of the wrap-up party, I’m uploading more now.

Oooh thanks man. Anybody else? lol


Try searching CD Media, if you haven’t already, I know that there are a few to be found there. Here is one of the fireworks.

Thanks Kristian,

I found pictures of previous years, just couldnt fined many of this past year, and that is what I wanted to show a friend, but fireworks are firework nontheless.

Thanks for the help.