Looking for pictures of FIRST Alumni in high-tech jobs

Aisha is an FRC volunteer from Southern California working on a project to get our message out to the general public. Please pass this along to your alumni working in high tech fields, time is short, so don’t delay. THANKS!

See details below…

Aisha Ayoub Malik April 4, 2011 at 2:48am
Subject: FIRST robotics help!

I’m helping FIRST put together a collage of FIRST graduates who have gone onto careers involving high-tech. This collage will be shown at Nationals, and will include a bunch of hollywood stars. The goal is to expand the message of FIRST to the average person.

Here is the message from Aisha…

Calling all FIRST graduates. If you have gone to work in a high-tech area, please email me a picture of yourself working (and NOT looking at the camera). Typical examples include at your desk with a bunch of computers, NOT looking at the camera. Please send it to: [email protected] with “FIRST (your name)” in the subject line.

This collage will be part of a major video that FIRST is putting together with a bunch of Hollywood stars, and will be shown at the Nationals at the end of this month. This means - please send me your picture by end of this week (April 8th!!).

If you know any other FIRST-ers who are now in high-tech jobs, please feel free to forward this to them!