Looking for possible Mentors/FRC Coach in Philadelphia for Team 321

Hey, I’m new to the forum, I’m a junior member on FRC 321, (rookie year 1999) and was wondering if there was any possible mentors looking for a team to be involved in. Our FRC team is almost 30-40 members strong, and our head coach’s future with the team is uncertain.

I know the majority of people are from SoCal/Michigan, but if you know anyone interested and in Eastern PA, please contact us through the following links. If anyone has any questions about our team or about anything I referenced, I’ll be glad to answer below!

I’m in the process of scheduling an official visit day to get to know the FRC team; but our shop is always open to visitors!

Head Coach Contact:
Michael Johnson

Email: mibajohnson@gmail.com or coach@robolancers.com


Hotfixed, thanks it’s been a looong night

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I think there’s people from all over on CD, not just Socal/Michigan

You might want to put a more precise location, if i was looking to mentor and I was in Philly suburbs vs in the city it would make a a big difference.

You may have some better luck reaching out to some of the local schools and their technology/ Engineering teachers. Best of luck, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you out. -Storm 2729

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