Looking for promo video

I’m looking for the high quality version of this promo video, to show at our first team meeting for new members so that they can see from the start what FIRST is all about. I’m hoping this will alleviate the problem of members leaving the team in the first few weeks because they don’t know what the actual FIRST competition is like.

I’ve searched around on the forums, but all the threads have dead links and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


I was looking for a similar-style video and found the opening minute of the video you had posted, except in higher quality.

I could be mistaken, but I believe the reason that video is not posted anywhere/difficult to find as it is a copyrighted production by some studio outside FIRST. I think all 2005 FRC participants were mailed a DVD containing this, among with other videos about FIRST. The videos are a very good demo for new or potential students/mentors/sponsors though.

EDIT: PM me if you need a backup copy of the dvd (full quality) :slight_smile: .

We made this one for our team you can use it if you want. It isn’t the highest quality though.

I have a copy of the DVD. I can mail it to you or send you a full quality back up if you need it.


Not sure if this clip is included but check the FRC Resources Center on the website. Newshour segment is Excellent!

I believe this one is also on the 2006 Compilation DVD for FIRST. Contact your Senior Mentor-John Park [email protected] or the Regional Director(s)-contacts listed under NY on the map on the FRC page on the website

Is there a promo video for Vex i could use to attract HS’ers with?

The best I see it this. http://www.usfirst.org/vex/FVCresourcectr/
And that is just pictures. No video.

I’m going to contact FIRST about this video. This would be a really great video to show the newbies what they are getting into. I’ll post what I find when I get a reply.

First of all, big thanks to Tim from 1523 for helping me get my hands on a good quality copy of the video.

Second of all… the video is from a DVD titled “2006 FIRST Compilation DVD” that arrived with the FLL coaches manuals earlier this year. There are seven videos on the disc, mostly FLL, but the 6:14 promo and 24:21 “Xtreme Close Up” (detailing 1414’s rookie season and trip the Championships) are on it, too.

Hit up a nearby FLL team… the video is worth it.

Thanks again, Tim…