Looking for PWM cable retention

My old FTC team had these really awesome 3d printed “clips” which would prevent a cable-to-cable connection from falling apart. I’ve been trying to find the file, but haven’t been able to locate it.

It looks something like this (excuse my poor ASCII art)

|---|  |--------|  |---|
|__|--|_____ |--|__|

Probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but our team uses these to hold wires in the RoboRIO.

When we anticipate an issue with cable-to-cable connection (usu. PWM/servo wires), we cut a piece of heat shrink tubing a bit longer and wider than the pair of connectors, disconnect, slide the tubing on, reconnect, reposition, and apply a bit of hot air. Don’t use marine heat shrink for this; it is a mess if you do have to cut it off.