Looking for recently inactive teams

We are a new team which is splitting from an existing team. We would like to purchase some of the parts contained in the kit of parts over the last couple of years. It would seem that an inactive team would be the easiest place to acquire these at a reasonable price. Of primary interest are a controller, camera, controls, and possibly a driveable chassis to practice driving.

Any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

If you’re willing to pay retail you can buy all the above from IFI www.ifirobotics.com. You will just need to buy a kitbot for the driveable chassis. Also check CD-swap for parts teams have posted.

I know 1123 (in Northern Virginia) was having some trouble earlier this year, and had serious concerns about returning in 2007. I’m not sure if they resolved their problems (didn’t respond to my e-mails asking to see if we could help :frowning: ). They might have some materials that you could purchase (although they might not respond to you either :confused: ).
Once school starts again, 116 will most likely check to see what we can donate to other team’s as well (can’t say anything now, we’ll probably be using much of our un-used KoP elements for fall training).

Team 225 (York, PA) may have their 2005 machine available; fully operational with an on board camera and the remains of the 2005 KOP.
I will contact them and send you a PM.