Looking for resources to learn programming

this is my rookie year and no one on my team will teach me how to program cuz theyre all meanies so if anyone knows a website for basics on vex programming and such…

CAN I HAVE IT?!?!?!?!?!



Innovation FIRST offers a VEX Programming Kit. I’m sure if you or your team bought one it would help you understand what you’re trying to learn. I’m always a fan of “read the manual.”


There are also a lot of downloads available on their website, including the FVC Competition Programming and Autonomous Mode programming.


Hope this helps!

… hmm, browse the CD Programming Forums, and search before you post? That might take you a long, long, long, way… All of it… I promise :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think you should discredit ur team like that. Maybe they all just are busy?

And yes, if u can search the forum, u can find almost anything

Meghan, welcome to Chief Delphi. Are you part of the FRC program and using the Vex Robotics System to learn how to program? Or are you part of an FVC team as well? Try the white paper, Vex for the Technically Challenged to start. Chief Delphi has a whole forum just for the FVC program - Click on Chief Delphi at the top of the page, scroll down to Other, then to Vex and FVC is a sub-forum. Vex programming has been discussed there. In addition, don’t forget you have a lot of official resources available to you which are linked from the FIRST website - FVC section (the URL right now is http://www.usfirst.org/vex/resources/). They might help as well, even if you are not on an FVC team…


First of all, realize that the differences between a VEX controller and a FIRST controller are so minuscule that, in most cases, they can be ignored by the programmer.

There are two tools used by teams to program a robot: EasyC and MPLAB.

I suggest using MPLAB. It is a little more challenging at the outset but is more flexible once you know what you are doing.

The following links can be found here:

Robot Builder is a great place to start if you have little or no mentor support.

After you have a feel for the system, I’d head here to get more detailed help.

After reading through these resources, you should know enough to tackle 95% of anything you need to do for a FIRST robot.

If you still have questions, post 'em here and I’m sure someone will help you out.

I hope this helps.


Any C tutorial you can find online will help you to learn to understand the code.

the easiest way to learn is just to build the vex square bot (step by step directions come with the kit) then just play around with the code. If something happens that you didn’t expect post it here or as one of your teams programmers. Start with easy things like making it go forward then back wards or turn. Once you have that working you can start to add in sensors. This is what I did, except with the edu bot and in a couple of months I got to the point where I could write all the code for the robot. Once you get a good base you will see you abilities evolve quickly. Don’t give up on it and don’t worry if you have a question that you think is “stupid” post it any way, there are alot of good engineers on here and alot of HS and College students who were where you are now not too long ago. It makes more sense to ask us a question that we can explain in 5 minutes than to spend days trying to figure it out.

Good luck


thanks everyone!!

this helps me a ton

Sorry about the previous post :frowning: , but yes! this might possibly be helpful;…

Go to Bloodshed.net and download the C compiler with Mingw/GCC

( http://www.bloodshed.net/dev/devcpp.html )

I haven’t used this since my freshman year, but it helped a lot in those days. If you open a new project and start it as a console… I think, and set it to C programming, it’ll give you a basic page that you can practice your learned styles of programming on. So if you pick up some tips off the net, just hop onto the DevC compiler, and voila! New coding skills galore (well after allll the practice!) :slight_smile: