Looking for RoboRio or PDP - used or like new

We are a 2nd year team (FRC #7694, West Hartford CT) and I just realized that the KOP does not include a RobioRio or Power Distribution Panel.

I guess I assumed they were included as they are big ticket items, but I was wrong.

So our options are to strip them from our 2019 robot, buy new or find used.

We were hoping to keep our 2019 robot intact, and right now we would have trouble coming up with the approx. $1000 to purchase new.

Anyone have either used but in good to excellent condition?

Thanks for the help.

Yeah, you’ll need the whole control system. WAY back when you’d have been correct, but since the RIO (c, then Robo) has been the control system you get one as a rookie and then have to buy more if you want them.

First step: Check out https://www.andymark.com/categories/frc-control-system and see the ACTUAL prices per-piece. You might be able to get a subset of those parts.

Second step: Keep 2019 operational with a DIFFERENT control system (you’ll need to do some more setup). https://www.andymark.com/categories/hobby-control-systems

If I were you, I’d focus on the PDP and VRM for right now. If you’ve done proper labeling, the RIO will be easier to swap in and out than those. If you have pneumatics on both robots, you’ll need the PCM as well; otherwise ignore it.

For next year: Use FIRST Choice and prioritize the RIO and PDP.

(Personal note: I’m eyeballing the Gorgon myself, for an offseason old-robot rebuild. Old is an understatement.)

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Not to nitpick, but I don’t recall seeing a RIO on FIRST Choice, though there definitely was a PDP.
Otherwise, I agree with everything stated above :slight_smile:

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